Wombats and Koalas -Facts and Videos

While writing the review of   Wombat Goes Walkabout written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrator Christian BirminghamI came across few useful websites and video links which share amazing facts.

We all know it’s always good to see and learn about animals in the farms, zoo, national parks and  safaris. But since we can’t go to southern hemisphere of our Earth to have live experience of these animals I thought of showing my kid few video links which have information regarding Koalas and Wombats.

I hope kids as well as parents  will have fun learning about other animals like “Dingo” an Australian wild dog, “Thorny Devil” an Australian lizard and many more interesting facts by watching these videos along with them.

Till now I was aware of  only one Marsupial i.e Kangaroo, but when I started digging for information about  Australian animals I was astounded to know that Koalas, Wombat, Possums, Wallabies, Tasmanian devils and Opossums are also Marsupials and surprisingly all of them are Nocturnal. So it’s another brilliant information to be shared with kids while reading the above book mentioned in this blog.

Know More About Koalas: Koalas have special teeth made for chewing up eucalyptus leaves. Grinding the leaves to a pulp provides koalas with water. The word Koala means ” no drink”.  They like tree shades and can sleep for 18 hours a day. Koala babies are called “joeys ” and the new-born koala is only the size of a jelly bean. Male Koalas are called “Buck” and  females are called “Doe”. Collective noun used for them are : a colony of Koalas or a population of Koalas.




Know more about Wombats:



AN UNTOLD STORY OF KOALAS AND WOMBATS: This video gives exposure to many more animal facts other than wombat and koala. Very little part of this video might be unpleasant to kids so you can skip that part.


Reaction of my kid after watching videos : With a cute and very naughty smile he asks me, “ Mumma!! can we have them as pet ? When we will go to Australia to see these animal?”

From my side it was a very small effort to sow the little seed of knowledge in his brain as you never know “From a small seed mighty trunk may grow-Aeschylus Quote“.