My Big Book of Questions and Answers

“The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

                                                                                                                                                       ~ Albert Einsteinimages-3

Just few months back I wrote a blog on movie “The Good Dinosaur”, which had generated lot of questions in my hyperactive and curious little child’s brain.

In that blog I mentioned about a book ” My Big Book of Questions and Answers”, which we referred to feed our brain with information.

Its a great refernce book to be kept for 6 + year old kids who show inclination towards Earth, Space, Science, Nature, Wings, Wheels and our existence on this planet. Although in Amazon reading level mentioned for this book is for 12 + years, I suggest to include it in your shelf as soon as the child starts reading.

This book is a collection of approximately 1000 questions which a young curious and open mind usually ask to his or her parent as soon as they develop speech and start exploring their surroundings.

Unfortunately I am not a very intelligent mother who has all the answers to satisfy my kid’s curiousity, so whenever I am not able to quench his inquisitiveness, this book comes to my rescue.

Above mentioned book is divided into five sections with fascinating informations presented as questions and answers format, accompanied by colourful and simple illustrations. This book tries to answer questions in few simple sentences avoiding the complexity of too many scientific terminologies.

I have observed that this book has always been a good conversation starter with my kid. Once he picks up the book he will start turning pages and will tend to get engaged with it atleast for 30 minutes.

This beautifully illustrated book introduces young readers to the wonders of the world around us. Its not only an interesting book for our kids but its a lovely book for us parents also. I wish I had this book when I was a kid.
So go ahead and stack it in your shelf to answer those intellegent questions asked by your child and have a glimpse of few pics taken from this book:



Pictures are taken from book and google.


3 letter Hindi words without matra – Part 7

  1. टहल (Stroll)
  2. डगर (Path/Track)
  3. डपट (Reprimand)
  4. तरस (Pity)
  5. तरह (Type)
  6. तलब (Desire)
  7. तहत (Under)
  8. दमन (Suppression)
  9. दशक (Decade)
  10. दहन (Combustion)
  11. नकद (Cash)
  12. नकल (Copy)
  13. नक्षत्र (Constellation)
  14. नगर (Town)
  15. नमन (Bow/Greet)

Pig and Pug

pig-and-pug-9781481421317_hr Some books just make your day. Now this one, which I am talking about is just the same. The illustrations are so simple, the language is playful and witty. A delightful treat for kids and adults.

Pig and Pug by Lynne Berry and illustrated by Gemma Correll is about two pets, a Pig and a Pug, who don’t get off to a great start. They keep pushing each other’s buttons, until they become friends.

One cannot help but adore these frenemies. And it reminds me to of the squabbles of toddlers and frequent shifts from enemies to friends and visa versa.

Take a look at this video

3 letter Hindi words without matra – Part 3

  1. आहत (Hurt)
  2. आहट (Light sound)
  3. आसन (Seat)
  4. इधर (Here)
  5. उखड़ (Uproot)
  6. उछल (Jump)
  7. उदय (To rise)
  8. उदर (Stomach)
  9. उधर (There)
  10. उपज (Crop/Yield)
  11. उलट (To turn over)
  12. उरद/उड़द (One kind of lentil)
  13. ऊधम (Mischief)
  14. ऊपर (Up/Over)
  15. एकत्र (Come together)

3 letter Hindi words without matra – Part 2

  1. अभय (Fearless)
  2. अमर (Immortal)
  3. अमन (Peace)
  4. अमल (To Follow)
  5. अरब (One Hundred Crores)
  6. अलग (Different)
  7. असल (Actually)
  8. असर (Effect)
  9. अहम (Important)
  10. आउट (Out from a game)
  11. आदर (Respect)
  12. आपस (Each-other)
  13. आशय (Meaning/Purpose)
  14. आश्रम (Hermitage)
  15. आश्रय (Shelter)

What we read last month – January 2017

48818068 Treasury of Classic Stories by Gaby Goldsack and Kath Jewitt

This beautifully illustrated book has a collection of 17 animal stories for young children. The stories include:

  1. The river bank
  2. The Golden Goose
  3. The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  4. Alice and the White Rabbit
  5. The Ugly Duckling
  6. The Tortoise and The Hare
  7. Mowgli’s brothers
  8. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  9. The Six Swans
  10. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
  11. Puss in Boots
  12. Tales of Black Beauty
  13. Chicken Licken
  14. The Three Little Pigs
  15. The Open Road
  16. Mowgli and Baloo’s Lessons
  17. The Musicians of Bremen

whatsapp-image-2017-02-06-at-10-18-22-am Tenali Ramakrishna Stories by Umesh Vaman Prabhu

About five hundred years ago, there lived a great king called Krishnadevaraya. He ruled one of the greatest kingdoms in south India, the Vijayanagar kingdom. There were eight poets in his kingdom named “Ashtadiggajas”. One of the poet in ashtadiggajas was “Tenali Ramakrishna”. Tenali Ramakrishna was famous all over the world for his wit and spontaneity.

This book contains 63 stories from Tenali Ramakrishna’s life. It was a fun read for my 6 year old.

892090-_uy200_ The Minpins by Roald Dahl

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

This story is of Billy who wants to explore the Forest of Sin. What he discovers in the Forest of Sin is the most terrfiying monster, the Gruncher and Bills climbs a tree to save himself. Billy then discovers Minpins, little people who live in the trees. These Minpins end up working together with Billy to get rid of the Gruncher.

Sometimes We Win, Sometimes we Learn……

Last month my son who is in first grade had a quiz competition in his school. School did not give any clue about the topics to be prepared for quiz, so as a desperate mom I was trying to feed his brain with extra information but unfortunately skipped the part of logical reasoning. He was not selected for final rounds and the good part is he was not upset about it at all as he is still getting in terms with the fact of “what is competition?”.

So do you think as a mother should I worry about it?, or focus on what he learnt in this process?. The reality is I was little upset, but fortunately I did not try to make my son feel sad and encouraged him for next acadamic year. I was not upset for him but I was upset from myself as I kept expectation from him to do well.

As mothers we keep high expectations from ourselves and that is the root cause of creating an unhappy environment at home. We read many blogs and books on parenting but still loose our patience and repeat same mistakes which can damage our kids self-esteem. Like every other mom I am also in the process of learning new ways of parenting and I know its a long way to go. Thanks to those parenting blogs and books which keep reminding us our mistakes in this whole process.

Dear friends, I know you are reading this piece of story from some other corner of the world. For those of you I want to convey that, this is not another blog on parenting, but its about what my son became curious for and what he shared with me.

After he came home from school he shared what he had observed in the quiz competition. He talked about quiz teams, rapid fire rounds and score-points. Out of all these, two activities have attracted him, one is rapid fire round and another is name of quiz teams. He was so fascinated by this whole process that all the way from school to home he kept explaining me about rapid fire round and how its played. I can still imagine with what zeal and enthusiasm he was explaining about the team and team members.

While having the discussion he joyfully said that, “Our class was in team – Albert Einstein”.
That’s when he asked, ” Mumma can you show me a video of Albert Einstein? Who he was?Is he dead or alive?”
And with a smile I said, ” Yes we will learn about him dear”.

I think that’s the reason someone has quoted ….428389_458283164254664_320580962_n

Many times earlier also I tried to introduce him with famous scientists, but this time it was he, who showed interest to know about Albert Einstein. So my task began, to look for storybooks and videos related to Einstein and fortunately I was able to find one, which I am including with this blog. I wish to keep this book in our shelf as it introduces Albert Einstein and his remarkable inventions in a very simple language and attractive illustrations.

So here it is ON THE BEAM OF LIGHT by Jennifer Berne (Author) and Vladimir Rudunsky (Illustrator) and the discussion we had after watching it is another interesting story……..

As the discussion continued I came to know that there were three more team names, one was “Isaac Newton” and other two names he could not recall.

What a great way to introduce Scientists to these young curious souls!!

By God’s grace he has always been very observant and curious towards Science, how stuff work?, our existance on Earth, and many more topics. I wish to be always there with him in his quest of Science & Life.

This incidence had reminded me of one quote that says, “It dosen’t matter if you win or not! It’s the journey and the knowledge you gain in this process should be celebrated”.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this blog and now I would like to end it with a beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho which we parents should always remember…….