Wombat Goes Walkabout Extended Activity

This story of wombat can be made more informative and interesting by carrying out following activities along with kids. You can check out my previous page to know more about this book.

Extended Activity for 6-7 years old :
While looking for activities related to this book I got a valuable information which we can do with our kids at school and at home.

Here are the links:

Link 1:  Encourages kids to explore the geographical aspects of the story by involving them to locate places on map and then providing information related to seasonal changes occurring in two hemispheres of our Earth.

For example: Help students to locate Australia and the state of Victoria on a map. Explain that Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that seasons are revers2017-01-22-00-58-32-554ed from the Northern Hemisphere. Discuss what season it is now. What season will it be in Australia? The wild-fire that takes place in this story is a common occurrence in parts of
southern Australia; February, 2009 was a particularly bad fire season. Discuss where wild fires occur most often in the United States (California). In what ways are these places similar?

Referring to the above link we did a follow-up activity using a book from our shelf.

We tried to locate Australian Animals and Great Victoria Desert in the provided page image taken from the Usborne Children’s Picture Atlas: 

Link 2: Develops better understanding by discussing questions related to illustration of the book, for example  : Why the images are ‘fuzzy’ or slightly out of focus. Why do the backgrounds of the images have a smoky, orange color? 

Video Links for Koalas and Wombats : Since kids love watching Animal videos I am providing some informative websites and video links which can be read and  shown to kids who want to know more about the animals mentioned in this book.


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