The Good Dinosaur

This Christmas vacation we watched few Animation movies and one of them was “The Good Dinosaurs”.images-2

It’s a good family movie to watch with your little kid ( 6 + years) who has grown up enough to understand emotions. We watched this movie in parts to avoid straining our eyes.

Although it’s a fantasy tale where humans and dinosaurs are shown living in the same world side- by- side, this movie shows us the importance of being together in a family.
It encourages them to do hardships on their own to earn their mark in this society.
It inspires them to overcome their fears and learn something new, which is mostly true for us grown-ups also.

Watching this movie has helped my son to overcome his fear of falling while skating😊… I have got an example to encourage him to learn little more everyday and the process is still on…..

Apart from this kids will also learn about different kinds of dinosaurs and their survival techniques visually ( herbivores, carnivores, flying ones). As he will grow up little more we will watch it again and by then he will know what are the different types.

Many times earlier also we had discussions about dinosaurs, and after watching this movie he again became curious and asked me….
“Are there still more Dinosaurs living on earth?”,
“How the dinosaurs became extinct?

Since he was more curious to know about dinosaurs he picked up a book ” My Big Book of Questions & Answers” which we have in our library. images-3
He opened it to look for more information about dinosaurs and I started googling 🤓, to master myself on this topic.

His questions have always enlightened me and it’s a treasure not to be lost in this fast paced world.

Would love to know about similar kids movie which makes the child curious to know more.

Picture credits: Google


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